Honey, DONE!

Now I want you to just look at what Brett got done for me this week.  I promise I didn't nag.  I may, however, have hinted that I could get things a little more decluttered and more organized if he had a few minutes to tackle some inside projects.  

Project #1 (I know, there's more than one! He overachieved.)

Early on in the demo work of the house, our designer helped us pick a spot that could be Mama's corner/command post.

Beautiful, huh?! See that post on the right?  It had to stay so she envisioned a little wall there.

Here are a few more viewpoints of it as we made more progress. 

Look closely and you can see two training potties underneath!

Vision:  I wanted a place to put my whiteboard.  I use this every day to plan out my to-do's and remind myself that children are a gift from (the Lord) even when they erase all of my to-do's and important dates.

And I also wanted a little desk/shelf to put my notepads and journals and a few things I have laid out all of the time.

So, here we go:

Brett had a few extra boards leftover from the island trim that he used to cut the tabletop.  

He had a few helpers.


I found a chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and painted the trim. Also some chalk markers. Thankfully they aren't erased by little fingers as easily.    Also, how adorable is the vintage  pencil sharpener from my Grandma Jane's house?!

Brett designed the corbels by ripping some reclaimed pine 2x4's down to 1 1/4 x 2.  He braced boards he used for the top with a narrow 1/2x4 - same as what was used for the top.

HAPPY WIFE and MAMA!!  The height is 36 inches, so would be the same as a countertop.  Now I'm on the search for a bar stool to slide underneath for when I may get two seconds to sit down.

Project 2

So, our kitchen doesn't have a ton of cabinet space and I could never find a good spot for my coffee mugs (they must be within arms reach you know) and few of our drinking glasses.

I had spotted this really cool mug rack in Joanna Gaines's book Homebody. 

The only space I could think of to hang it on would be on the side of our refrigerator.  The Magnolia version was too long, so I ordered the Pottery Barn one after I assured Brett he could figure out how to mount it on the refrigerator.

After I tried to hang the mugs and glasses I had on the Pottery Barn one, I discovered the prongs were too short.  So I settled on one from Walmart that was a quarter of the price.

I googled a few ways that refrigerator racks would hold on the side of the fridge and asked Brett if he could recreate that.  He had the awesome idea to use the old pine boards that we salvaged from the house to use for the brace piece.

And feast your eyes on the SECOND project of the week, folks.

These were the brace pieces he used on the top and opposite side of the refrigerator.  Secure so far!


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