Suns Out Guns Out

Couldn't we have picked a better time to remodel a house?  The pancakes, bacon and eggs seep right back out of Brett's pores the first thirty minutes he's out there working on a Saturday morning.  We've turned the air off because obviously we are not there to benefit from the AC, plus Brett didn't want the unit to suck all of the dust that was being blown through the house on a regular basis.  Even with turning it off, this is probably what we'll look like when we turn it back on for the first time.


Anyway, since the house is so old, there are a lot of evacuation routes for the cold air...right when you need it.  Poof.  Gone.  Same goes for heat in the winter.  The sought after air usually prefers escaping through the attic or the windows.  So, our contractor recommended spray foaming the attic and replacing the windows.  Sign us up.

So, for those of you who are not impressed with Elizabeth's guns she's displaying below, we'll talk about the spray gun used to distribute the foam insulation in the attic. 

Our three playing with cousins Charlie and John Rowland in our new pool and spa at the new house. 

Woohoo!  They are here. 

They added plastic so the foam wouldn't seep down into the rooms since the ceiling was out in the foyer and dining room.

Take that cold air! Nowhere to go now.

Here's the gun in action.  The best part is when Brett stole the gun and wrote a love note for me in insulation.  

I know you didn't think I was serious.  We are glad to get this part of the job finished.  Now we can MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES *dramatic pause* I mean, move on to reinstalling ceilings and walls.  Cleaning, Painting and Floors.  Then cleaning again....


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