Blue Skies Smiling at me

They say porch ceilings were painted blue because it looked like the sky and birds, wasps and other critters wouldn't make nests underneath.  I also read that folks painted the ceilings blue as well as doors and trim to keep "haints" away and protect them from evil spirits.  Creepy.  I think I'll take Jesus over blue paint but thanks anyways.  Regardless of the original purpose, it's apparently a Southern tradition.  We think our dining room may have been originally a porch because of the blue ceilings we found underneath the sheetrock and it's location in the back of the house.   Since we want to highlight the character of the house, we went back and forth on what to do.  We thought about keeping the ceiling color as is, but it defined the space in that section and since we were opening things up, that space didn't really need to be defined.  So after much google image searching, we got inspired to use the boards to make the island.

We enlisted a sitter and help from cousin Charlie (I don't think you'll find another teenager who knows more about wiring, insulation, and demo work thanks to Brett kidnapping him every afternoon) and went to town.

We assumed our positions as Brett instructed us on proper board removal techniques.

She's gone.

Hopefully the foot prints will come off as we had to keep reminding people (Charlie) not to step on the boards.
After we got done, Brett celebrated by taking advantage of his dirty, black hands and my white t-shirt.  Boys will be boys.

The after. 

Oops, this is actually the after.


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