Tore up from the floor up

I wish I could say we have been so busy working on the house we haven’t had time for a post. Don’t feel sorry for us. Instead we have been enjoying all things water with our family. Elizabeth and Audrey have anyway.  Bo is like his Granddaddy and Papa and prefers to stay dry and supervise.

One would think Elizabeth may suffer from PTSD after that, but thankfully she is still just as fearless.  And if you heard the whining in the video, that was Bo on my hip.  He prefers this...

So, in house news, today's post is about floors.  In my head, before we saw the inside of the house, I imagined beautiful wood floors throughout.  That was a mistake.  Instead of expecting the worst (or even better, just having no expectations), I expected the best case scenario and I was disappointed.  

Thankfully, what we got was not the worst case scenario at all.  There are beautiful wide planked pine boards throughout the whole house.  Like most things in life, however, they were under a few less desirable layers and needed a little time and TLC to come to the surface.  

If you'll remember the green monster:

Then his blue beauty in the dining room (which was underneath the green carpet).  

The kitchen had not one, not two, but THREE different floors on top of the original wood.  Here is Brett taking up the first layer.

The mustard linoleum floor on top of the hardwood on top of the original wood.

Ahh... there are the beauties.

The living room had a nice oak hardwood floor underneath the green carpet, but since we want all of the floor to be the same, Brett took that up as well.  

Halfway there.

If you'll notice in the background of the picture above, the mantle is removed and there is brick and concrete stacked everywhere.  I thought we had decided to leave those as is, but Brett called one day and said he had figured out how we could spend more money (great).  The wood floor stopped at the hearth of the fireplace.  The hearth was just concrete and not in the best shape with several cracks, plus it would have made for an awkward height once we stripped this floor down to the original wood.  So he decided to bust it all out.  


Then, after watching an episode of Fixer Upper, I got inspired with a shiplap covered fireplace and decided to remove the mantle so that we could go all JoAnna Gaines on ya.  

Janna comes home from the "Grocery Store" and tells me she decided to remove the mantle.  I presumed she was joking.  Then we took a ride over and see her posing for her picture.  Yep.  She figures out how to spend more money too. (Brett)

Maybe it could look something like this...if I braid my hair just right.

So, there ya go.  Continuing to tear things up over here.  I promise, the fixin up will start soon.  


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