News alert: The house is not really ours.

This morning as I’m continuing to read through Psalms, these set of verses spoke volumes to me: “The inner thought is that their houses will last forever, Their dwelling places to all generations; They call their lands after their own names...But when he dies he shall carry nothing away.” Psalm 49:11,17

“Oh, you guys are the ones who bought the Reecie Scott place.” We’ve heard that from several folks when introducing ourselves to new people around town. Small town, word travels, ya know! What they really wanted to say was, "So, you're the ones who I saw letting your kids run around half (well, let's be honest, fully) naked in the yard the other day!"  Anyway, our farmhouse was previously the Reecie Scott place - about 100 acres with the farmhouse. The tract was divided between the children. We’ve heard that Mr. Reecie was hardworking and honorable and so was his wife, Mary Lou, and are honored to be the next family to live on the property.

Calling old homesteads “the so-and-so place” is customary and there is definitely nothing wrong with it. But I guess when I read the verses this morning I realized that it’s only wrong if our identity, our worth, our focus, our time is tied up in the land we own and the possessions we accumulate here on earth. It’s easy to idolize our house and land, obsessing on making every square inch perfect.  I mean, I think that tendency we all have is what keeps HGTV in business!  Can someone say Fixer Upper marathon?

So, news alert. The house is not really ours. It’s all Gods. We pray that our family will use it to glorify Him. It’s not just about catching fish in the pond - it’s about the quality time and Jesus-focused conversations that will be had in the boat. It’s not just about hosting birthday parties, dinners or having friends over to run around on the land, it’s about sharing the love of Jesus with others and opening up our home to extend that love and serve others. 

I needed that reminder today. As we focus on tearing down walls and where to put the electrical outlets and new lighting, it’s not about how we are going to use the house, it’s all about how God will. No matter how well we take care of it and enjoy it while we are here on earth (which God wants us to do both!), we can’t take it with us.   Heaven will be so much better anyway!

Speaking of angels, walls and doors, for your viewing pleasure…”The Mama-logue.” It's 3.5 minutes long, but worth it.  (Click the link at the top if you’re viewing in email so you can see the video.)


  1. Good gracious! Listen to that southern drawl!! Love it!


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