We met with the contractor, Marc, to confirm that we will be able to install beams and open the room up.  Before the meeting, Brett had to remove all of the boards to expose the studs so that he could see what he had to work with.  After the meeting, Brett's homework assignment (no pun intended) from Marc was to take down several more boards in the living room so that they could get to the studs needed to install the beam.  His videographer skills are improving...

Brett takes a break from demo...

First fish caught on first cast in the new pond. 

My aunt and uncle came to watch the babies that night while we ran over to the house by ourselves.  The sweet sound of SILENCE.  We sat on the front porch swing.  You know, it's a sin to not have a front porch swing or rocker in the south.  I walked the house and tried to get inspiration and vision - based on my facial expression below you can tell the creative juices were really flowing. 


I love the primitive look of this room right now and then with that light fixture...I really don't want to part with it - I think we may find a place for it in the new plan - Audrey's room, perhaps?

Stay tuned for more tech talk from Brett about studs and boards and such...  everything is really coming along!  Folks keep asking us if we have a timeline - we are just taking it day by day - so thankful to be able to live in Grandma Jane's house a few more months until everything is ready.  Once the walls are out and beams are in, Brett will work on electrical and a few plumbing projects because DISHWASHER.  We'll have the attic spray foamed with insulation.  Then put boards back and start painting.  Then floors.  Ok, I'm tired thinking about it all now and Brett's the one doing all the work.  Day by day...  


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