Demo Day Two

Day two of demo involved much of the same as day one.  Brett tore off some more sheet rock in the dining and some shiplap to open up the wall from the living room to the kitchen.

There was a door hiding behind the sheet rock that leads to what we will make our closet/Brett's office.  This works out well since we can use that door to go to the bathroom instead of walking through our master bedroom to get there.  

Uncle Dick came to help and got excited over the square nails he found while removing boards.  We told him he could have those as payment for his help.  

While I was there with the babies we walked down to meet our neighbor, Mrs. Leona.  She is the cutest, tiniest white haired lady who wore a camo truckers cap.  She showed Audrey her day old baby chicks (she just picked up the mama hen who was sitting on top of the nest), let Bo climb on her blue tractor and showed us her two ducks that were mixed in with her chicken flock.  I think we'll be good friends.  

View from living room into the kitchen/dining.

Thinking about turning boards over to expose the raw raw shiplap and not painting...we'll see.

View from dining into living.


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