Demo Day Twenty Something

Brett:  Well.  This felt like 20 something days just in the attic space.  Here is a preview of what is happening today.  (Remember, if you're viewing in your email, you'll need to click the blue linked title which takes you to our web page to see the videos)

Brett: Success! I took a small sledge hammer and gave a swift tap to the top, middle and bottom of each of the three boards next to each stud.  The result was that all three boards were loose but not falling out.  I centered the ladder in the doorway and carefully pried the bottom board by hand until all the nails were out.  Now is when I started barking orders to the help about catching the end of this 15' long, 9" wide plank.  Only thing, I was the boss AND the help.  So I had to balance it, walk it down the ladder and not break the mirror in the buffet thingy. Or the door.  Or a window.

Once I laid it down without breaking it, or the glass or me, I gave the help a high five and "Good Job!"

Janna:  Then I give him a kiss and a "good job" when he gets home that evening.  He shows me the pictures and tells me how things went down (literally).  This is normally how the days have gone lately. When I can, the kids and I load up and ride the three miles to see the progress, usually bringing cold drinks and snacks for everyone! Because of the mess, we have to leave the babies outside - so it can be a production to keep them contained!  The creative methods of entertainment normally end up with everyone running around in their diapers.

Cousin Reese and family come for a visit.  Who cares about the house, this mud puddle...

Bo was busy playing with the spigot at this moment.

Oh yes, back to the house... below are the photos of the kitchen.  Before he left on this day, he played around with placement of the fridge and cabinets that we are reusing.  We are trying to decide exactly where to put an island (the kitchen table is the stand in) - whether to turn it like it is in the photo, or to turn it where it is parallel to the living room.   But we also have to figure out exactly where our kitchen table will go...please send your ideas our way.

The large beam on the right beside the fridge stays.  So we will wall up that small section.


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