Ole Softy

The hardwood flooring guy chuckles as I introduce him to the lovely dark green carpet. "What's underneath is all that matters". He elaborates on the rich red color of the soon to be restored pine boards that lie, hopefully well preserved, underneath the big green monster. He pulled back the carpet in the corner of the master bedroom to find previously painted, wide plank, full 1 inch thick pine boards. "Well that is a good start". We stomped around every room talking about what ifs and wondering why this rooms floor ran this direction and that room in the other. He was measuring for his quote while I was pondering ideas about how to knock out a wall between the kitchen and dining room when my foot found ole softy.

Tobacco Sticks and Comic Strips

Ole Softy

"Tim, you might want to come take a look at this soft spot." We peeled back the green monster to find more well preserved items.....newspapers. If you want to read about the National Campaign to Promote Lady and Sons and its recipes from the late 1990's, I'll save you some clippings. If you are/were looking for a "good proposition" in 1945 around Augusta, GA, you needn't be looking in the Employment Classifieds of the Augusta Chronicle if you were a woman. However, you young whipper snappers with strong backs could apply for the Body and Fender MAN, Excellent Proposition, job. IF you didn't like to get your hands dirty....Male Bookkeeper might just have been for you. For you turn of the century folks (men over 45), The Partridge Inn was looking for TWO First Class Intelligent Men to train as bartenders. You most certainly had to apply in person.

Augusta Chronicle Help Wanted - Feb 1945

The 1990's papers were noticed first. Then the aqua linoleum followed by a lovely degraded flower pattern and finally, newspapers from 1945 and an old tobacco stick to fill what was sure to be a drafty gap between floor boards. One can assume the newspapers were laid in attempt to slow the air flow between floor boards and to make a flatter surface (or sub floor) for the linoleum.

The original house ended here at my right boot.

Much of the floor looks like this painted board.  Good thing.  Otherwise, we'd be hitting you up on Go Fund Me.

Just a Little Tease

If you're like me, you want to see what every square foot of the floor in the entire house looks like at this very moment, you don't want any more surprises. Hoping no more rotted boards need to be replaced. But, don't get your panties in a wad....I think you could say that in 1945....perhaps I feel empowered buying a 1890's farmhouse. Nonetheless, the carpet will come out soon enough. Wall and ceiling paint must go up before we expose the floors. I'll let you know if we can salvage the tobacco stick.


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