Lay it all out for me

In an effort to document all of the before and after goodies of our home, we must first start with the before.

Doggy Style

The design of the original farmhouse is a dogtrot, so where the front door and foyer are now, there once was an open breezeway. The dogtrot style was designed for airflow and before central heating and air, this section of the house was usually the coolest. Another clue of the dogtrot style is the presence of doors in every room leading to the central hallway.

No hanging around

In my previous post about how we stumbled upon the property, I shared how we wanted a simple home with no excess. Well, this house is making us back up that claim since it has no closets! (well technically it has one.) Here we come, Goodwill! I think we are going to convert one of the bedrooms to a closet and make use of dressers and chests.

Here are the photos of all of the rooms. Stage one of our projects will include setting the footprint of the walls and refinishing the hardwoods while making use of the bedrooms as is. Stage two will be finishing out the upstairs to be kids rooms and re-configuring the downstairs rooms for master suite. If anyone has any suggestions, send them on!


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