Honey, you gotta bee kiddin me.

Excuse the obligatory pun.  Had to do it.

So, our new house has a honey bee problem.  We knew this up front and contacted a local bee keeper who will hopefully be able to trap them.

Tonight, we met our designer and contractor at the house to go over renovation ideas.  As we drove up, we saw that the guys were there in their white jump suits working in the bees.  Not necessarily ideal timing, but we all managed to escape the buzzing and dive inside to brainstorm ways to open up the space.  More on that to come.

The bee keeper man drilled a contraption onto the house that allows the bees to enter and exit their hive which is in the walls or attic of our house (I guess South Georgia hospitality extends to honey bees).  Then, he filled in the other holes they were using with foam, forcing them to go in and out of this contraption.

Next, he will add a cone/funnel that connects to another hive - with all the bells and whistles equipped with flat screen tv's and floral sofas.  They will never know this new home is actually a trap in order to take our sweet bee family to a new location.

Funnel/trap will be similar to this one.

Since I'm sure you are very interested in bees, I'll cut to the chase.  As we were leaving, I was talking and for a moment forgot about the bees until one landed on my face.  You gotta bee kiddin me.

That night - looked like a large mosquito bite.


A virtual doctors visit, steroid pack and pair of aviators later, I'm hopefully on the mend.  Thanks for your concern.  In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the National Bee Keepers Association.  


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