Demo Day One

Door from dining to kitchen - sheet rock removed.

In stage one of our renovation (stage one defined as "stage - we are not spending a lot of money right now - one") our main goal is to get the footprint of the house laid out like we want so that when we refinish the hardwood floors, we'll be able to add boards where walls were removed and get the most bang for our buck with the floor guy, Mr. Johnson.

Let me remind you that I have lots of experience in renovations, such as NONE.  Well, I take that back.  My husband refinished our basement like a boss.  He turned our block wall basement into a comfy guest suite in our old house in Johns Creek, GA before we sold it.  Can you say, cha ching to that sale price when he added 500 square feet of finished space to the house with a bedroom and bathroom?!?! He did this all while I was on bedrest with the twins - does FaceTiming count for anything?

But really, when I think about re-envisioning main living spaces, I don't have that much experience.  So, the day I made some new friendz at the house was the same day that we met with our design consultant (my retired social studies teacher!) and our contractor and got some ideas for how to rework the floor plan.  After hearing their advice + envisioning it and sleeping on it, we took their word for it and decided to raise the ceiling in the foyer to meet the 10.5 feet tall living room ceiling, remove the walls between the foyer, living, kitchen and dining to make ...wait for it... one big open floor plan (hello design buzz word, do I sound like I know what I'm doing yet?).  

At least Brett knows what he's doing (or at least he's convincing). Here we go for day one of demolition.


Wall between dining and kitchen - shiplap removed.

View from kitchen into open dining.

View from dining into kitchen.

Family picnic lunch to visit Daddy working - Elizabeth just confiscated a sweet potato fry from Bo.



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