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He'll give you the hens of your heart

This past week (April 13th) we celebrated the two year anniversary of closing on our farmhouse in Twin City, GA.  We didn't celebrate it on the actual day because who is keeping up with dates during quarantine?   In all honestly, I knew we were in the ballpark of two years and I referred to our piece of artwork hanging in the kitchen for the date reference.  
Our first blog post told the story of how we managed to acquire the property - the main point - during bed rest with the twins in Atlanta we had a lot of time to reflect and we re-prioritized a lot of things (basically everything we thought was important got bumped to the bottom of the list).  And we began to pray for what God would have for us in the future - that included a list of things we'd ideally like in a future home.  And He answered them.  Every. Single. One.  Down to even the animals (hence this post).  

The verse I keep turning to is "He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4.  This ver…

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