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Less is More

The American dream is to be first, to be successful, to win.  It seems like the American Dream is all about upgrades - your house, your cars, your jobs, your jewelry, your bank account.  It's all good though, right?  It's evidence of God's blessings, right?  We give him the praise for it in our social media posts, in our blessings before meals, in our prayers.  Then we go on to what we are going to accomplish next, to what our next upgrade will be.  
I challenge that the American Dream is all wrong.  It's original essence - to pursue freedom of religion and the right to pursue happiness and freedom for our families - is not, but what we've made it today? It's just all wrong.  You see, everything in the Bible contradicts the dream we all seem to be claiming and chasing.  The first will be last, the last first (Matt 20:16).  Do not build up treasures on the earth (Matt 6:19-21).  I will give you riches...but my kind of riches (Philippians 4:19).  It is very hard…

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